Device Profile B-BC

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Building Controller Profile

Required BIBBs for this Device Profile

A B-BC is a general-purpose device capable of carrying out a variety of building automation and control operations.

Data Sharing

  • Provides the values of any of its BACnet objects
  • Retrieve the values of BACnet objects from other devices
  • Allows modification of some or all of its BACnet objects by another device
  • Can modify some BACnet objects in other devices

Alarm and Event Management

  • Generates of alarm / event notifications and the ability to direct them to recipients
  • Maintains a list of unacknowledged alarms / events
  • Notifies other recipients that the acknowledgment has been received
  • Adjusts of alarm / event parameters


  • Schedules output actions, both in the local device and in other devices, both binary and analog, based on date and time


  • Collection and delivery of (time, value) pairs

Device and Network Management

  • Responds to queries about its status
  • Responds to requests for information about any of its objects
  • Responds to communication control messages
  • Synchronizes its internal clock upon request
  • Performs re-initialization upon request
  • Uploads its configuration and allow it to be subsequently restored
  • Commands half-routers to establish and terminate connections

Required Objects
Device Object All BACnet Devices require a Device Object
Notification Class Object For handling Alarm Services
Table is not complete