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BACnet Addenda are available from the BACnet International website.

See also BACnet Protocol Revision

Addendum Summaries
Rev Value Description
i Define new Lighting Output Object type
aa Add Channel Object type
Add Write Group service
af Added Alert Enrollment
17 135-2012ai Added Network Port Object Type
135-2012bb Zero Config MAC for MS/TP
20 135-2016bd Staging Object Type
20 135-2016be Lighting BIBBs and Device Profiles
20 135-2016bi Audit Reporting
20 135-2016b Property Identifier Reserved Range Expansion
20 135-2016bl Miscellaneous Clarifications
20 135-2016bm MS/TP Enhancements
20 135-2016bn Various BIBB Clarifications
20 135-2016bp Tweaks to BACnet/WS
20 135-2016bq Access control amendments

Note: They are not the same thing as BACnet Annexes!